Thursday, June 11, 2009

Launched Film Ketika Cinta Bertasbih

Sinopsis 'Ketika Cinta Bertasbih' Film

Khairul Abdullah azzam (Cholidi Asadil Nature) is a handsome and intelligent young man from a village in Central Java. From small, azzam already seen as the true nature better. Top he persistent , he obtained scholarships to study at Al Azhar, Egypt.

A year in Cairo and became the top student achievement predicate Jayyid Jiddan (perfect pass), his father died. As the eldest, azzam must be responsible for the life of his family, because his brother still small. Meanwhile, he must complete the studies in foreign countries.

Finally he began to share their time to study and search for sustenance. He began to make tempe and meatball he marketed in the environment he KBRI Cairo.

Thanks to the expertise and persistent in cooking, azzam become popular and close to the Indonesian embassy staff in Cairo. But it impact on azzam course, already nine years had passed, he also has not completed the study.

Azzam often find work in Cairo KBRI. Confront him with this daughter of ambassador, Eliana Pramesthi Nature. Eliana is a graduate of the French continue EHESS S-2 at the American University in Cairo.

In addition to smart, Eliana is also famous for beauty. He never even requested game film production in Hollywood, also for the big screen film and sinetron in Jakarta.

Myriad of achievements and create beauty Eliana azzam put her heart. Azzam but failed a closer relationship with Eliana, because of the nature of life and a little shove back with azzam, also because of advice from Mr. Ali, a driver KBRI very close to the family Eliana.

Pak Ali tells about a girl is more suitable for azzam. Azzam recommended to rush student applying for a no less beautiful cerdasnya with Eliana. He called Anna Althafunnisa, S-1 of Kuliyyatul Banaat in Alexandria.

Anna is currently studying S-2 in Kuliyyatul Banaat Al-Azhar, Cairo, also English, Arabic, and Mandarin. According to Mr. Ali, he is Anna excess wear jilbab and soleha. His father called a Kiai Kiai Pesantren Luthfi Hakim.

Have the desire Khaerul azzam Anna apply, even though he had never met or seen Anna. Because the cost does not have to return to India, Pak Ali suggested that apply through the uncle of the Cairo, the Ustadz Mujab.

With the full intention he came to apply for ustadz Mujab Anna Althafunnisa. But that application was rejected on the basis of status. Because the S-1 azzam also not complete, and better known as tempe and Baso merchandise.

In addition, Anna has marriage first by a man named Furqon, friends who also azzam students from rich families in the near future which will complete its S-2. Azzam can accept the reason that, although his heart is quite poignant.

But then Furqon got a very natural destroy all hope of his life. He is also a dilemma between the need to remain married Anna who has dilamarnya, but it also can be destroyed at once akan life Anna.

Meanwhile Ayyatul Husna, brother azzam often send news of the village, took the news fairly easy azzam heart. Azzam so that there is no need to send money to the village and concentrate more complete course. Besides Husna have graduated university in UNS, he has also worked as a psychologist. Husna expertise in writing is work out. Husna enough revenue to finance the needs adiknya that take 3-D program, and a younger sister named Sarah bontotnya still mondok in Pesantren.

Azzam which is very nostalgic with his family decided to seriously study, to successfully pass eventually. Azzam also fulfill his promise to his family to return to the village and immediately seek a mate there, meet the mandate for his mother. Although the actual terbersit still a little hope to still get the heart Anna.

When Love Mega film hymn lifted from this mega best seller novel Southeast Asia, the paper authors have hands cold Habiburrahman El Shirazy.

Setting the film is completely tailored to the description in the novel. Spectators really will be spoiled with City of Cairo, Nile River, Pyramid, Sphinx, the City of Alexandria with the beautiful Mediterranean sea, Benteng Qait Bay, and many of the Egyptian who is very interesting.

Title: When Love hymn

Players: Kholidi Asadil Nature, Oki Setiana Dewi, Alice Norin, Andi Rahman Arsyil, Meyda Safira, Deddy Mizwar, Ninik L Karim, Didi Petet, Habiburrahman El Shirazy, Aspar Paturusi, Prof. dr Din Syamsudin,

* Slamet Rahardjo, El Manik
* Director: Chaerul Umam
* Author: Imam Tantowi
* Type of film: Drama
* Producers: Mitzy Christina, Cindy Christina
* Production: Sinemart Pictures
* Length: 120 minutes [L1]
* Website:

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