Thursday, January 29, 2009

NITA THALIA sexy dangdut singer

In Indonesia dangdut is a nationality music, like country in America. Now i show you a beauty and sexy dangdut singer. Who is...??yes she is NITA THALIA. I hope you enjoy with this Pictures gallery.

Nita Talia Telanjang Toket Nita Talia

memek Nita Talia Memek Nita Talia

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Online Shopping

In the time that was modern now, all the forms of the requirement could be easily received. Including if we shopped for the everyday requirement. Shopped for example, we no longer need with great difficulty to visit a shop to just shopped for the requirement for our subject.

Why we did not use internet technology for the matter like that...?? With only sat in front laptop, then we could have explored all the online shop available in the internet. In this online shop we could shop when then we wanted, One of the best online shops that had been found by me that is

Available things in also very complete, like clothing, electronics, furniture, house wares, kids, gifts and more. His service was then very pleasant and his price then really was covered. Guaranteed you will feel satisfied if shopping here. Therefore, began to be shopping in an online manner in order to save money and your time. Wise in arranging your finance.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


She born (born 11 July 1986) is model and actress of Indonesia. She also presenter youth event in one of the indonesian television. Soraya Larasati starting her career with as Finalist GADIS Cover Girl and then to acting with play various sinetron. Look her fashion, this is very Japanese style. Did you know so many indonesian artists such as the withdrawal of the artist dressed in japan (japanese style)? That is because by human civilization is now universal. Hopefully the tradition only Indonesia can still compete in this the global era. That was a challenge for us all the young people of Indonesia...

SORAYA LARASATI photo in Japanese style.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Tika Putri Foto|Tika Putri Biografi|Tika Putri Profil

Tika Putri
sinetron players and movie stars who does not know Tika Putri beautiful girl is also often become a star video clips and video clips that I know a video klipnya D'Masiv the pro title in between you.
Tika that now appear in the Coffee Bean Show and never play in the variety show entitled Prime Time in TransTV also want to be in the film screen width. Before becoming the sinetron, women with higher body is 1.68 meters career start as the star of ads.

Biography TIKA PUTRI

Atika daughter or a more familiar called Tika Putri the film began his career in a friend's invitation to participate in casting.

The art world seems to have no foreign women for the birth of Bandung 1 November 1989, the remains of the children he has the art world menggeluti dance. Tika piawai in modern dance and salsa.