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Siti KDI

Foto Siti KDI, Siti KDI Cantik

We recognize the Siti KDI as singer acting in band of music dangdut enlarging its name since becoming champion of I of contest KDI which is carried out by one of the station of television of private sector fatherland. But moment come up a opening of shopping centre in Depok recently Siti exactly bounce the lilting song of pop.

Siti KDI Ayu, Foto SITI
sister of Singer of this dangdut Cici Paramida in the reality in the middle of preparing new album ( dangdut of course) to this rilis in the middle of the. his New Sinetron also will immediately display, its theme is word Siti, still do not far from business sing.

Galery Siti KDI
dinky Siti is going through education of S2 majors Punish Business in University of Jayabaya Jakarta. Future Stock? " let to supply the x'self eminently. My S1 punish, so the S2 thirst for to take smelling business, become the me take the Business Law," he said the beside throwing to smile the beloved. Siti promise to complete of its study as soon as possible. Now semester two, meaning one year again?

Album Siti KDI


Ikke Nurjanah Dangdut Is The Best

Ikke Nurjanah Sexy

Hartini Erpi Nurjanah ( recognized by the name of Ikke Nurjanah; born in Jakarta, 18 May 1974; age 34 year) is a singer of dangdut and presenter of Indonesia television.

Ikke Nurjanah Dangdut


Eldest child from four have this you to big in artistic environment. Its father, Abdul Pihar Foreland, is a fiddler of song of Malay Deli. Maiden Album of Ikke entitle the " Insensitive Ojo" get the positive respon from society. Hitherto Ikke have released to flog the album. very Song Ikke popular with nya " Sun Sing Suwe", " Doze", and its duet with the husband ( that moment not yet bercerai), " Looking into your".

Foto Ikke Nurjanah

sweet Appearance Ikke and respectably ( for the size measure of singer dangdut) do not make the x'self is not " saleable". This matter also become its individuality. Ikke avoid to use the clothes which norak, delight wobble and flirtatious leering look, and also desahan which stimulate. Still, Ikke still able in world dangdut. Proven by some appreciation which have accepted of, for example Ikke reach for the appreciation AMI ( Academy of Indonesia Music) to categorize the best singer dangdut woman 1997, 1998, 1999 and Singer Dangdut Most Ngetop SCTV 2002. Year 2005 Ikke also succeed to bring to go home the Cup Refine the Gold in " Award of Dangdut TPI" to categorize the Singer of Woman Tersohor, defeating Elvie Sukaesih, Inul Daratista, Ira Swara and Nita Thalia.

Goyangan Ikke Nurjanah

Dangdut also which send the Ikke melanglang to various area even until foreign countries. He come up in Asia of Live Dream 22 Februari 1998 ago to the invitation of station of television of NHK Japan

Goyang ngebor Ikke Nurjanah

Besides menyanyi, Ikke also become the star of advertisement and presenter. Year 1996 he have been asked by BKKBN with former Head of BKKBN Hayono Suyono to bring the talc show and become the presenter a ripe event cook for the station of television Indosiar.

Ike Nurjanah Sexy
Personal Life

Ikke merried with Renaldi Hutomo Wahab or Aldi Bragi, one of the personel grup of music Bragi on 16 October 1998. their Nuptials darling is untenable. Than the nuptials is they have a daughter, Siti Adira Kinaya.

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Kesenia Miss World 2008 Photo Gallery

Miss World 2008 Kesenia Hot Pic Bikini custom

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Nikita Siregar On Popular Magazine

Nikita Siregar On Popular Magazine

Nikita Siregar - Popular Fresh Look October, Nikita Siregar On Popular Magazine, Popular Fresh Look,
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Nazril Irham or more popular with Ariel's call was a Indonesian singer who was the vocalist from the group of music peterpan. Ariel was the youngest child from 3 related. The widower had one children this was one of the popular Peterpan personnel of the musical group and was assigned as the vocalist in the group of the band rock pop from this Bandung. Ariel was also recorded as the Universitas Parahyangan student of the Architecture route, Bandung.

Pasha was the Ungu band vocalist. Pasha headed his career as the model and emerged in several television advertisements, was in the film and gathered with several bands before gathering In A Purple Manner. Not many that knew that Pasha had become the champion Ii the race adzan more than one Central Sulawesi. He could attend lectures in ABA-ABI before finally decided to stop going to class and choosing to have a career in music.

Ahmad Dhani, was known as the leader of the group of the Dewa19, the creator of the song but also as the producer of the recorder. The noose was as the musician known to be full controversial and the sensation, both in his song poem and behaviour-polah the life his days. His controversy noose was shown through his song poems that 'too much in' and had the meaning of the ray until showing the conflict.

Tora Sudiro was an actor, the advertisement star but also a co-median was talented. In the wide screen stage, the Tora Sudiro name took off like the meteor. He had gained Citra's Cup as the actor the Utama Terbaik Actor, the highest appreciation for the film human being in Indonesia in the Indonesian Film Festival (FFI) 2004. Through the "Social Gathering" film"!" , that was starred in by him with Surya Saputra, Cut Mini, Aida Nurmala and Rachel Maryam. In this film of Tora played the character that was controversial enough as the man gay, where he beradegan the kiss with the opponent mainnya.Sebuah the kiss scene between two men who were recorded the first time in the history of the Indonesian film.

Rizky this The Titans band vocalist had the complete name of Abdurahman fortune was born on December 6 1985 in the Bandung city, West Java. Rizky was the eldest child from four was related from the couple Waty Setyawati and Elan M.. Before gathering with The Titans, Rizky had also gathered with the group of the IZE band as the vocalist during 2004 entered sebagi the agenda finalist of Dream Band in one of the of private enterprise's television that is TV7 that now to Trans7. Afterwards around February 2007 Rizky gathered with The Titans as the vocalist.