Monday, August 3, 2009


Team doctors Hospital Pusdikes TNI Angkatan Darat (AD) Jalan Raya Bogor, East Jakarta has finished the corpse of mbah Surip otopsi.

"Otopsinya lasted two hours," said one of the hospital staff, Tuesday 4 August 2009.

He added, mbah Surip died in transit to the hospital.

Be as before, the leader Surip well with the song 'Not pickaback' was suffering diarrhea since yesterday.

When the morning before breakfast, mbah Surip remove foam from the mouth.

There are a few important things to get right when sculpting the human head. These points will give you a good foundation for making your sculpture look realistic. These are tips that many artist fail to do when sculpting the head.

1. Start with an armature - It's important to always use an armature when sculpting a head. Get a 12" long and 1" in diameter plumbing pipe. Screw it into a plumbing phlange. Put enough clay on the top of it to create a base for a head and neck.

2. Draw a line down the middle of the front of the face (vertically) - Once you have done this, then, use this line as a reference point for the center of face as you continue to add facial features.

3. Draw another line horizontally - Use this line as a reference for where the bottom of the eyes are. This line can help you make sure the eyes are horizontal instead of lopsided. Many artists fail to do this and end up with eyes that are lopsided.

You can see from these points that it's important to keep the features on your face and head in proportion to where the center of the piece is both vertically and horizontally. Keeping the feature on your face lined up correctly with those center points will give your face a more realistic feel. From there you can focus and making those facial features more like those of the model that you are using. From there you can work on getting a likeness of that model.

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